Drupal Integration

  1. Provide ScientiaMobile with your origin and obtain an ImageEngine hostname from your representative -

    e.g. Hostname Documentation

  2. In the Drupal admin portal click on "Modules", then click on "Install New Module"

  3. Go to Extend, Install new module, install from a URL, then enter in the CDN module URL: http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/cdn-8.x-3.0.zip and click install. If installing from a URL does not work, click on the link to the CDN module and upload the module as shown below.


  1. In Extend find the Web Services section and select both "CDN" and "CDN UI" and click install."


  1. Next go to Configure > Web Services > CDN Integration.

    Enable CDN under Status. Then under mapping and select the setting to serve all files or all files except CSS + JS then enter the ImageEngine URL that you configured in Step 2 and Save Configuration.