WURFL InFuze Module for HAProxy: User Guide

This document is aimed at developers and system administrators who intend to install and configure the WURFL InFuze Module for HAProxy on Unix, Linux, and other Unix-based systems.

Installing libwurfl

In order for the Module to work it is ESSENTIAL that the libwurfl library is installed on your system. libwurfl is provided in your Customer Vault/FileX.

If you have not already installed libwurfl, instructions can be found here. Release notes for each API can be found here.

Installing HAProxy

WURFL device detection is included in the HAProxy source code from release 1.7-dev6. You are required to download and compile the HAProxy source code including WURFL device detection: please refer to the HAProxy documentation for build instructions. You will need the WURFL InFuze C API (libwurfl) installed on your system at compile time (refer to "Installing libwurfl" above). To enable WURFL device detection, you will need to add USE_WURFL=1 to your HAProxy compile command as shown below:

$ make TARGET=<target> USE_WURFL=1

Optionally WURFL_DEBUG=1 can be set to increase logging verbosity.

WURFL Data Snapshot

To perform lookups, you will need a copy of your WURFL data snapshot (also referred to as the wurfl.xml). While there is one included in the release package, it is intended to be a sample and will not contain all of your licensed capabilities. Your licensed WURFL data snapshot can be accessed by following these directions.

Configuration Guide

The following are supported WURFL directives (see doc/configuration.txt in your HAProxy source tree):

  • wurfl-data-file
  • wurfl-information-list [](list of WURFL capabilities, virtual capabilities, property names we plan to use in injected headers)
  • wurfl-information-list-separator (character that will be used to separate values in a response header, ',' by default).
  • wurfl-cache-size (Sets the WURFL caching strategy)
  • wurfl-patch-file [](Sets the paths to custom WURFL patch files)

Sample configuration file:

wurfl-data-file /usr/share/wurfl/wurfl-eval.xml

wurfl-information-list wurfl_id model_name is_tablet

#wurfl-information-list-separator |

## LRU cache
wurfl-cache-size 100000
## no cache
#wurfl-cache-size 0

#wurfl-patch-file <paths to custom patch files>

bind *:8888
default_backend servers

There are two distinct methods available to transmit WURFL data downstream to the target application:

All data listed in wurfl-information-list

http-request set-header X-WURFL-All %[wurfl-get-all()]

A subset of data listed in wurfl-information-list

http-request set-header X-WURFL-Properties %[wurfl-get(wurfl_id,is_tablet)]

Based on the configuration above, the X-WURFL-All header value will result in something like


(all wurfl informations configured in wurfl-information-list, in the same order as listed, separated by a comma)

whereas the X-WURFL-Properties header value will result in something like


(only wurfl_id and is_tablet informations, in the same order as listed in wurfl-get() call, separated by a comma)

WURFL Properties

wurfl-information-list configuration directive may include:


  • wurfl_id Contains the device ID of the matched device.
  • wurfl_root_id Contains the device root ID of the matched device
  • wurfl_isdevroot Tells if the matched device is a root device. Possible values are "TRUE" or "FALSE"
  • wurfl_useragent The original user agent coming with this particular web request
  • wurfl_api_version Contains a string representing the currently used Libwurfl API version
  • wurfl_info A string containing information on the parsed wurfl.xml and its full path
  • wurfl_last_load_time Contains the UNIX timestamp of the last time WURFL has been loaded successfully.
  • wurfl_normalized_useragent The normalized user agent.
  • wurfl_useragent_priority The user agent priority used by WURFL.

Capabilities and virtual capabilities

Refer to WURFL capabilities for all capabilities and virtual capabilities names.

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